Security Awareness Training - Lockdown Edition


'Lockdown Edition' is a virtual security awareness training session delivered remotely to home workers, using the collaboration platform of your choice. In addition to regular security reminders, this session includes bespoke content aimed at home-workers.

Course Objectives

Security awareness training is designed to address one problem that computers cannot solve: how to make people behave in a more secure way. Although many security incidents can be attributed to human error, when given proper training, humans can detect and prevent novel attacks that technical defences will miss. By helping employees understand how security breaches occur and how cybercriminals operate, organisations can defend themselves more effectively, and minimise the damage from successful cyber-attacks. Regular training also helps an organisation meet its data protection obligations under GDPR and financial services regulations.

Content Overview

Part 1 – Awareness Basics

Part 2 – Working from Home Safely

In the past, most organisations have concentrated their protective security efforts on their own corporate systems, networks, and premises. Unfortunately, when employees are forced to work from home for an extended period of time, the traditional corporate security boundary becomes blurred and weakened, and a range of new risks begin to emerge. We cover the primary concerns:

Part 3 – Dealing with an Incident at Home

Finally, we discuss the pros and cons of different responses to a variety of home-based security incidents, such as a hacked PC or a compromised remote access session. We consider the merits of actions that a user might have to take while they are waiting for technical assistance, such as disconnection, logout, power off etc. We explore how different actions could help limit damage or make a bad situation worse.

Delivery Format

Training consists of a live video stream of the presenter, supported by a screenshare of presentation slides. Attendees only require the ability to view and listen, although two-way chat and voice interaction is encouraged. We will provide the training over whichever collaboration platform you normally use for home-worker meetings. This avoids technical challenges on your side and ensures attendees are in a familiar environment. Common supported platforms include:

Other platforms are available on request.